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What is a genetic test for?

What is a genetic test for?

Each person is unique and different. This is even more evident if we take into account genetics: no beings are genetically identical, so knowing your genes will provide you with very valuable and personalized information about yourself. Through genetic testing, you’ll have access to facts that you wouldn’t ever think of. But, what is truly a genetic test for?

A genetic analysis or DNA test is the study of a person’s genes. It involves examining DNA, the chemical database that contains instructions for how the body functions. A genetic test can reveal changes or mutations in certain genes that may lead to diseases or conditions [1].

A DNA test can help you find out if there are mutations related to hereditary diseases. But, in addition, the study of genes can also provide answers to questions related to personality traits, ancestry, nutrition, drug compatibility, etc.


What is genetic testing?

Genetic testing identifies changes in genes, chromosomes or proteins. Through it, we can confirm or rule out genetic conditions and help determine a person’s predisposition to develop a certain disease or to pass on a genetic disorder to their offspring. Essentially, these type of analysis look for changes in [2]:

  • Genes: DNA sequences are analyzed to try to identify variations or mutations associated with risk for a genetic disorder.
  • Chromosomes: Whole chromosomes or long lengths of DNA are analyzed to look for genetic changes that cause a genetic condition.
  • Proteins: The amount or level of activity of proteins or enzymes is studied. Locating abnormalities in them could indicate changes in the DNA that result in a genetic disorder.


What are the benefits of genetic testing?

Now that you know what genetic testing is, you are probably wondering what its advantages are. DNA testing results have benefits whether the result is positive or negative as they will alleviate the feeling of uncertainty. In addition, they can help people make decisions related to their health and other areas [3].

In the case of Galaxy DNA’s testing, the results will provide individuals with information about their predisposition to disease, the healthiest diet for their body, optimal dermatological treatments, and many more.


What types of genetic tests are available in Galaxy DNA?

There are different types of genetic tests that will uncover information about different areas of life that may be of interest to you. The main reason people want to have a genetic test is to find out how likely they are to develop certain diseases, especially hereditary ones. But there is much more information, from different fields, that you can use in your day-to-day life thanks to a genetic test. These are the types of genetic testing you can find at Galaxy DNA:



The genetic information of your ancestors has been kept alive by passing from generation to generation until it reaches you. With a genetic test you will discover the areas of the world where your ancestors left traces and you will be able to know the influence it has on you.



Another field influenced by genetics is nutrition. Thanks to a DNA analysis you will be able to discover which foods are better and worse for your body. You will then be able to make a diet that really works for your body.



The reaction that your body has to different sports we can also know through a DNA analysis. What is a genetic test for in this case? To find out which type of sport is best suited to your individual characteristics or which injuries you are more predisposed to suffer.



What DNA testing will provide you with in the field of dermatology will help you to protect your skin and keep it healthy throughout your life. Genes can provide us with information on the extent to which they influence hydration, elasticity and antioxidant capacity. Knowing this can help you choose the dermatological treatment that works best for your skin.



There are scientific studies that have shown the influence of genes on our personality. In this case, experiences and other environmental and cultural factors are fundamental, but a genetic test can guide us on what predisposition we have to excel in some fields and not in others.



What is a pharma genetic test? Unlike the health test, which analyzes the predisposition to suffer certain diseases, the pharmacogenetic test will reveal the genetic predisposition to the effectiveness of different drugs. In this way, we will be able to make a much more efficient use of medication by warning the prescribing physician of our genetic results.



With a genetic health test, not only will you know which hereditary diseases you may develop, but you will also know your predisposition to suffer from any of the ailments analyzed. With this information in your pocket, it will be easier to point to one side or the other when doctors try to make a diagnosis about a symptom you have.


Galaxy DNA test include all these areas in their report, but their nature is purely preventive and not diagnostic. You can easily purchase our kit and take the saliva test at home. Then you’ll only have to send us back the sample and we’ll elaborate a detailed report with your results in every area.



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