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What do DNA test results look like?

What do DNA test look like

What do DNA test results look like? DNA tests are a powerful tool in important areas of our lives, from preventing certain pathologies, nutrition, and skincare, to ancestry. Our genes can provide us with valuable information about many things. For example, they can tell us whether we are more or less prone to develop certain personality-related characteristics or even if we are predisposed to injury when practicing a particular sport.

Additionally, DNA tests can provide information related to other areas involved in our well-being. If you want to know what a genetic test shows, keep on reading because we’ll tell you everything there’s to know about it.


What do DNA tests show?

GalaxyDNA’s genetic tests are divided into seven categories to discover how genetics can affect different areas of your life. For each of them, we prepare a personalized report where we interpret the DNA test results and all the information your genes provided.


What do DNA test results look like: Nutrition Results 

With the results of the nutrigenomics test, you’ll know which foods your body metabolizes better and which ones you should avoid. More specifically, we analyze your genetics in relation to the effects that a low-fat diet or the Mediterranean diet can have on you. 

In addition, you’ll be able to know your predisposition to suffer a deficiency of certain vitamins such as B9, associated with anemia, high levels of homocysteine, increased risk of heart disease, or increased risk of cancer, among others. Or vitamin D, essential for the correct functioning of the immune, endocrine, and cardiovascular systems.

DNA test results example

DNA test results example: genetic skincare test

The information that your genes can provide about your skin’s needs will help you protect it in the best way against external agents. You’ll know how sensitive your dermis is to the sun, how easily it tans, what predisposition you have to sun spots or your predisposition to glycation.

But, apart from knowing genetically how your skin is, we’ll give you advice on which products or supplements can help you prevent the aspects you’re more prone to suffer. This way, you’ll achieve the skincare routine that works best for you.


What does a pharmacogenetic test show?

In the case of pharmacogenetic tests, the results can be useful when it comes to guiding your doctors on what treatment could work best for you. You’ll know how your body could react to certain medications intended to treat cardiac, neurological, oncological, and other diseases.

Some medications analyzed in your DNA test results are phenprocoumon, pravastatin, simvastatin, warfarin, fluorouracil, capecitabine, pyrimidine analogues, tegafur, and neoplasms, among many others.


Sport DNA test results example

Did you know that through DNA analysis, you can discover how sports practice affects you? Yes, genes also have information in this regard. When it comes to sports, the results of your genetic test will guide you on the best way to optimize your athletic performance.

Through a sports DNA test, you’ll know your predisposition to stand out in power sports, to a higher or lower aerobic capacity, what response your body may have to strength training, or your likelihood of being affected by muscle fatigue. You will learn how your body can react to sports, insulin sensitivity, or how to improve cholesterol levels, among other aspects.


Your personality and the results of the genetic testing

If you were surprised to learn how determined we are by our genes when it comes to sports practice, you’ll surely be astonished to learn that personality and talent are also influenced by genetic predisposition.

An example of what genes can tell about your personality is your genetic predisposition to develop figurative creativity, a higher or lower capacity for reading comprehension, or even your preference for getting up early or staying up late.


Health DNA test results example

What do DNA test results look like in a health test? One of the things people have always been interested in is knowing how to preserve their health at its best for the longest time possible. The achievement of human genome sequencing came with the development of new tools for preventive medicine, like The DNA health test, whose purpose is to deliver information on what diseases you might have a genetic predisposition to. Thus take action along with the assistance of your doctor.

Galaxy’s DNA health test results are divided into two sections: complex diseases and hereditary diseases. What the DNA test shows within this section is your predisposition to develop diseases such as different types of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or sclerosis, among many others.


What do ancestry DNA test results look like?

Last but not least, one of the most demanded genetic tests is the geographic ancestry test. The results of this test aim to deliver information about where you come from through the location of your most remote ancestors. You’ll know which countries of the world, and even in which areas within those countries, there are genetic remains of your ancestors.

All this is just an example of what a genetic test can teach you, but there is much more. Our personalized reports will explain in detail what each result means and how to interpret it. If you want to know yourself better and orient your life towards personal wellness take a DNA test and trust what your genes say about you, take a look at our DNA test results example below. 

What do DNA test results look like

DNA Test results examples

If you’re looking to get a deeper understanding of your genetics, you can take a step further by downloading a sample of our GalaxyDNA test results. This valuable resource will give you a complete picture of what you can expect from your DNA test results, including information on your ancestral ancestry, health predispositions, and unique traits.

By downloading our DNA test results example, you’ll have access to information in a variety of languages, that can help you make informed decisions about your health and wellness. From learning about potential health risks to discovering new information about your family history, your DNA test results will help you gain a greater understanding of yourself and your place in the world.



GalaxyDNA Team


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