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If you already have a genetic test from another company, use your RAW Data to get your GalaxyDNA report.


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Genetic Test – All about your DNA

Original price was: 149,00€.Current price is: 119,00€.

Your GalaxyDNA genetic test Includes:

  • Geographic Ancestry
  • Health predispositions
  • Pharmacogenetics
  • Skincare Report
  • Sports
  • Nutrition
  • Personality


Why should I take a Genetic Test?

  • + 700,000 Genetic Markers
  • + 1,500 Geographic Regions
  • + 100 Pathologies


Discover the secrets hidden within your DNA with GalaxyDNA’s comprehensive genetic test! Unlock a wealth of information about your health, ancestry, and more – taking control of your well-being has never been easier.

Our cutting-edge analysis of your DNA will provide you with detailed insights into your health risks, ancestry, and much more – don’t let your DNA’s secrets remain a mystery! Embrace your health and take charge of your future – join us today.

Your DNA contains all the information that makes you unique – from your health risks to your athletic abilities, and from your skin characteristics to your personality traits. This information is stored in your genes, waiting to be discovered. With GalaxyDNA’s genetic test, you can unlock this information and get to know yourself better.

Unlock the potential of your DNA and get to know yourself better with GalaxyDNA’s comprehensive genetic test. Our test will provide you with a unique report that dives deep into physical and psychological aspects such as disease risk, athletic abilities, skin characteristics, and personality traits – to name just a few.

Go back in time and trace your ancestry, discovering your roots and learning about your heritage, reaching hundreds of years back.

Easy-to-Understand Report

Our genetic test report is meticulously organized into 7 categories, making it easy for you to understand and comprehend the wealth of information contained within. With a clear and concise report, you can quickly get a comprehensive overview of the information contained within your DNA.

With GalaxyDNA, you get access to the most complete and advanced genetic test available. Take control of your health journey and discover your true self today!


Special discounts depending on the number of units you buy.

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3+ 111,02

GalaxyDNA Test RAW


Attention. The sequencing of your DNA is not included in the price of this item. Purchase this test only if you already have a RawData file from one of the following companies: CrossDNA, 24Genetics, 23andme, Ancestry,com or LivingDNA.

Depending on the company from which your raw data come from, the number of traits in the report can be reduced by up to 50%.

Your DNA knows much more about you than you do and it doesn’t tell you. But don’t worry, we’ll tell you.

The GalaxyDNA genetic report can obtain a lot of information stored in your genes, and it’s time for you to know it.

You will now know your predispositions to many individual physical and psychological traits, such as your propensity to multiple diseases, your sporting abilities, your skin characteristics, or personality traits, among many others. And you can also find out where your ancestors come from, going back many centuries.

Our report includes hundreds of traits, classified in 7 categories for a better and easier understanding.

You no longer have an excuse to remain a stranger to yourself.

* The final report will depend on the data included in the other company’s RAW DATA file. Delivery time is approximately one week.*

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