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Have you always been labeled as too impulsive?

Next time you’re accused of rushing into decisions, blame it on your genes. Because your DNA determines your predisposition to impulsiveness. Or that you’re more active at night… Or that you’re more affected by the change of seasons… Genetics not only influences our physical characteristics, but also certain aspects of personality and talent.

Find out more about your personality and get to know yourself better.


Satisfy your innate curiosity to know your origins.

The Ancestry section of the Galaxy DNA Test is an eye-opening experience. You will get information on the geographical areas in which your ancestors lived up to 700 years ago on average, and in some cases up to 2,000 years ago. And with the detail of more than 500 geographic regions.

Be prepared, just in case! You wouldn’t be the first to be very surprised by the results.


Professional athlete tools, at your fingertips.

Just because you don’t make a living from sports doesn’t mean you shouldn’t train optimally. Know the type of sport in which you will perform best, whether you are at risk of injury or how training helps you lose weight. Reach your best with what your genes say about your relationship to sport.

Train hard, train like a pro.


Is warfarin bad for you?

Your genes influence whether some drugs are more effective for you than others, whether you need a higher or lower dose, or even whether a drug can be toxic. In the Pharmacogenetics section of the Galaxy DNA Test we inform you about your predispositions to multiple drugs, so that you don’t have to try more than necessary.

Discover your best treatment faster.


Tendency to photoaging, sunspots, tanning or acne.

We are familiar with some factors related to dermatological care, but there are others that are much less known and that also affect the state of our skin. In the Skin Care section of the Galaxy DNA Test we talk about glycation, sensitivity to the sun or antioxidant capacity. Keep this in mind when designing your skin care routine.

Your skin is your calling card. Be your best self with less effort.


How much data do you like to have when making important decisions?

The Health section of the Galaxy DNA Test informs you about your individual predispositions to certain diseases. We analyze many pathologies together with your DNA information and tell you which of them you might be prone to. You can then take preventive measures with the advice of your doctor.

Because there are diseases that can be prevented…


Some diets work and some don’t.

Some diets really work, and some don’t… FOR YOU. Because we are all different and unique. And your genes can tell you which nutritional regimen is likely to work best for you. And not only that, but also if you have a tendency to suffer from deficiency of certain vitamins or an increased difficulty in losing weight.

From now on, don’t feel guilty. The responsibility belongs to your DNA.

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