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If you already have a genetic test from another company, use your RAW Data to get your GalaxyDNA report.


Our test

What you will learn with our test


How it works

Here are all the steps of the process

Register your sample

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Here are the instructions to take your sample


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

How to take our test

Order your kit

Receive the kit

Collect your saliva

Register the kit

Send the tube

Receive the reports


Order your kit online

You can order your GalaxyDNA kit comfortably from wherever you are, with your device connected to the internet (computer, tablet or cell phone).


Receive the kit at home

No matter where you are. We send the kit to your home or workplace, to any country in the world, completely free of charge. Delivery time will depend on the destination.


Take your saliva sample

Inside the box of your GalaxyDNA kit you have the instructions to correctly take the saliva sample. You can also access by clicking on the following link. 

Remember to read the instructions carefully to avoid mistakes when taking the sample.


Register your DNA sample

After taking the saliva sample and before sending the kit back to us, please register your personal data and kit number on our website.

IMPORTANT! The registration of the sample on our website is an essential step. We will not be able to process any order whose sample has not been previously registered.

Send us the sample back

Send your sample back to the address on the form, in the padded envelope included in the GalaxyDNA box, and by the most convenient means for you (your country’s postal service or shipping company).



Receive your reports

Within approximately 3 to 6 weeks after we receive your sample at our offices, you will receive your GalaxyDNA report at the email address you provided when registering your DNA sample.

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