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How to take a DNA genetic test?

How to take a DNA genetic test?

Curious about what your genes say about you? Discover information about your ancestry, which diet suits you best or even your sporting abilities, the best treatment according to your genes for your skin type or your predisposition to certain diseases. You can find out all this information by taking a DNA test!

The information provided by these genetic tests can be very useful for improving aspects of your health. Knowing what your DNA says about aspects such as pharmacogenetics or sports can bring you closer to a more personalized medicine.


Step by step: DNA test instructions

How is genetic testing done? It’s really simple! The instructions for taking a DNA test from the moment you order the kit on the GalaxyDNA web until you receive the results are as follows:


  1. Order the kit online

You can order your GalaxyDNA kit comfortably from wherever you are, with your device connected to the internet (computer, tablet or cell phone).


  1. Receive your kit at home (or wherever you want)

No matter where you are. We send the kit to your home or workplace, to any country in the world, completely free of charge.

Our kit includes everything you need to take DNA testing at home as easy as possible:

  • Saliva collector
  • Latex gloves
  • DNA test instructions
  • Sample shipping bag
  • Form to register your kit


  1. Collect your saliva sample

In order to perform the DNA test we need a saliva sample, so with a few simple steps you can perform this sample collection at home.


How to take a saliva sample?

Important! One aspect you should not forget before taking a saliva sample: do not eat, drink, smoke, brush your teeth or chew gum during the previous hour.

The steps to follow to take a saliva sample are as follows:

  • Verify that the liquid is at the 2 ml line. Unscrew the cap being careful not to spill this liquid out of the tube.
  • Screw the funnel onto the tube.
  • Fill the tube with saliva to the 4 ml line (not counting the bubbles).
  • Unscrew the funnel and close the tube with the cap. Shake the tube several times to mix the saliva with the stabilizing buffer.
  • Fill in and stick the stickers on the two forms.
  • Insert the saliva sample and one of the copies of the form in the envelope (keep the other one). Send the envelope back to us.

Inside the box of your GalaxyDNA kit you also have the instructions or you can access them here.


  1. Record your sample

After taking the saliva sample and before sending the kit to us, register your personal data, kit number and order number in the form on our website. This registration of the sample on our website is an essential step, as it is the way to recognize whose sample it is. We will not be able to process any order whose sample has not been previously registered.


  1. Send the sample back

Send your sample back to the address given on the form in the envelope included in the GalaxyDNA box, and by the most convenient way for you (your country’s postal service or shipping company).


  1. Receive your reports

Within approximately 3 to 6 weeks after we receive your sample at our offices, you will receive your GalaxyDNA report at the email address you provided when you registered your DNA sample.


One saliva kit, seven results


What results are obtained when taking a DNA test?

Ancestry. Your DNA contains information about the origins of your ancestors from a long time ago, not from your great-grandparents’ or great-great-grandparents’ generation, but from several centuries ago. In our results we go back an average of 700 years and tell you where your ancestors settled, detailing every country in the world.

Health. Genes determine the tendency to suffer from certain diseases. By taking a DNA test you can find out your individual predisposition to 100 pathologies, so that you have a rough idea of what you should pay more attention to.

Pharmacogenetics. Medications are not equally effective for everyone, so it is sometimes necessary to try many of them until you find the one that really works best. Thanks to pharmacogenetics, genetic predisposition to the most effective drugs is known, bringing us closer to a more personalized medicine.

Sports. With discipline and effort you can practice any sport, but it is true that genes naturally predispose us to a better performance in a certain type of training: strength or endurance. In our report you will find detailed details of multiple personal traits related to sport so that you can design your training like a professional.

Nutrition. A large percentage of the population has followed a diet at some point in their lives. On many occasions, these diets fail or are not personalized enough. Taking a DNA test can also provide answers in this regard, thus finding a completely adapted diet and with a higher probability of effectiveness.

Skin care. When it comes to skin care, the most basic thing is usually taken into account: what your skin type is. But there are multiple factors to consider when selecting the right routine. DNA testing provides information about photoaging, tanning ease or sun sensitivity, among other characteristics.

Personality. Of course, personality is shaped by education and experiences, but genetics gives us a starting point and tells us what our natural predisposition is in various aspects related to psychology.

Taking a genetic DNA test has never been easier. Thanks to GalaxyDNA test you can get to know yourself better and optimize your lifestyle without leaving home. What are you waiting for?


GalaxyDNA Team


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