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How accurate is genetic testing?

How accurate is genetic testing?

In 2003, the mapping of the human genome was achieved. Since then, given the ease of access to genetic tests, more and more people have become interested in knowing what their genes say about them. In addition, the data provided by DNA reading makes medicine increasingly personalized. This results in a precision medicine focused on diagnosing and treating a particular disease in a specific patient, among many other uses. But how accurate is genetic testing? Read on and find out what our tests are like.


What is genetic testing?

Genetic testing is theanalysis of DNA, chromosomes, proteins, and metabolic processes to detect inherited diseases, relating to genotype, mutations, phenotype, or karyotype, for clinical purposes” [1]. In other words, genetic testing consists of reading the DNA of each person to extract information of interest and detect the genes that make you react in one way or another to certain factors or to suffer from specific diseases, among many other things.

The accuracy of DNA tests is based primarily on the method used to perform the analysis, as well as the technology used and the professionalism of the qualified team that performs it. At Galaxy DNA we use the best technology and rely on our great professionals and their own algorithms to achieve the best results.


In GalaxyDNA, we use our own algorithms

To achieve higher quality and more accurate information, at Galaxy DNA we use algorithms developed by our team of experts. Thanks to this, we achieve more concrete and reliable data. Our way of calculating your genetic predisposition is as follows:

First, our algorithm identifies your sex and ancestry. With this data, we compare your genetic information with our databases but we discard all scientific studies that don’t have to do with your profile. For example, if you are male, we won’t use publications about females and vice versa, achieving much more accurate results.

Most companies that are dedicated to genetic testing, are based on a single study and apply it to everyone equally. They don’t take into account the individual characteristics of each person. This way of proceeding is simpler but the results aren’t as accurate as the process followed by Galaxy DNA.


Illumina technology: security and quality

Illumina is the most prestigious and innovative company for the analysis of genetic variation and function. Its array and sequencing technology is making revolutionary advances in molecular research and diagnostics. This is why, in our laboratories, we use both Illumina machines and chips to achieve the highest quality in our DNA test results.

Thanks to the great professionals working in our laboratory, its unique algorithms and the most innovative technology, Galaxy DNA achieves very accurate and fully customized reports. We have a large number of sections and seek the highest level of detail. Depending on the type of genetic test you perform, you‘ll get to know:

  • Health test: your genetic predisposition, not only to suffer from more than a hundred types of diseases, but also to have abnormal levels of certain metabolic parameters, your body’s reaction to certain medications and much more information of interest.
  • Sports test: your propensity to suffer certain types of injuries, the sports that are best and worst for your body according to your genetics and a multitude of information that you don’t know and that will help you perform better during your workouts.
  • Nutrition test: the food that best suits your body, the diet with which to achieve the most successful results and information about you such as your sensitivity to flavors, your devotion to sweets and much more.
  • Talent test: what your genes say about your personality and qualities such as your figurative creativity, reading comprehension, even your predisposition to become addicted to alcohol, opium or other substances.
  • Skin test: your skin’s response to different circumstances and external factors. You’ll even find out which dermatological treatments work best for your skin.
  • Pharmacogenetics test: how your body will react to certain medications, which will allow your doctor to choose the treatment that best suits you.
  • Ancestry test: where your most remote ancestors were, even detailing regions and provinces within a wide variety of geographical areas of the world.


Just by comparing the number of sections contained in our reports and all the information you’ll find in them with other tests on the market, you’ll see that Galaxy DNA tests are among the best and most detailed. However, keep in mind that this type of DNA test is preventive and not diagnostic.

That you are more or less likely to develop a disease or to be better or worse prepared for a type of sport doesn’t mean that you’ll develop that disorder or be bad at a sport for which you don’t seem genetically predisposed. All the data that we extract from your genes will help you to guide your decisions but, if you want to investigate further, you’ll have to proceed with other types of tests.

Based on all the information we have provided in this post, we can say that the accuracy of the Galaxy DNA genetic tests is one of the best that can be found in the DNA testing market today. Always keeping in mind that these studies are based on probabilities and not on exact data.



[1] Holtzman NA, Murphy PD, Watson MS, Barr PA. Predictive genetic testing: from basic research to clinical practice. Science. 1997 Oct 24;278(5338):602-5. PMID: 9381169.


GalaxyDNA Team


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