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Genetic Test – All about your DNA

Original price was: 149,00€.Current price is: 119,00€.

Special discounts depending on the number of units you buy.

Quantity Price/unit
1 119,00
2 115,81
3+ 111,02

Your GalaxyDNA genetic test Includes:

  • Geographic Ancestry
  • Health predispositions
  • Pharmacogenetics
  • Skincare Report
  • Sports
  • Nutrition
  • Personality


Why should I take a Genetic Test?

  • + 700,000 Genetic Markers
  • + 1,500 Geographic Regions
  • + 100 Pathologies


Discover the secrets hidden within your DNA with GalaxyDNA’s comprehensive genetic test! Unlock a wealth of information about your health, ancestry, and more – taking control of your well-being has never been easier.

Our cutting-edge analysis of your DNA will provide you with detailed insights into your health risks, ancestry, and much more – don’t let your DNA’s secrets remain a mystery! Embrace your health and take charge of your future – join us today.

Your DNA contains all the information that makes you unique – from your health risks to your athletic abilities, and from your skin characteristics to your personality traits. This information is stored in your genes, waiting to be discovered. With GalaxyDNA’s genetic test, you can unlock this information and get to know yourself better.

Unlock the potential of your DNA and get to know yourself better with GalaxyDNA’s comprehensive genetic test. Our test will provide you with a unique report that dives deep into physical and psychological aspects such as disease risk, athletic abilities, skin characteristics, and personality traits – to name just a few.

Go back in time and trace your ancestry, discovering your roots and learning about your heritage, reaching hundreds of years back.

Easy-to-Understand Report

Our genetic test report is meticulously organized into 7 categories, making it easy for you to understand and comprehend the wealth of information contained within. With a clear and concise report, you can quickly get a comprehensive overview of the information contained within your DNA.

With GalaxyDNA, you get access to the most complete and advanced genetic test available. Take control of your health journey and discover your true self today!


Special discounts depending on the number of units you buy.

Quantity Price/unit
1 119,00
2 115,81
3+ 111,02

Special discounts depending on the number of units you buy.

Quantity Price/unit
1 119,00
2 115,81
3+ 111,02

More info

The GalaxyDNA genetic test report is the result of a detailed analysis of your DNA. 

With a small sample of saliva, we sequence your DNA, which allows us to obtain a huge amount of information about your genetics, to which we apply the algorithms developed entirely by our multidisciplinary team, based on the study of thousands of documents recognized and validated by the international scientific community.

The result of the genetic test is a comprehensive report about you, structured in the following categories:

• Ancestry. We tell you about the origins of your ancestors from long ago. Not your great-grandparents or great-great-grandparents, but from several centuries ago.

We do not take into account the most recent generations. We go back an average of 700 years and tell you where your ancestors have been settled, detailing more than 500 geographic regions. Prepare to be surprised! Maybe your origins don't match what you expected.

• Health: Genes determine the tendency to suffer certain diseases. With our analysis, we can tell you your predisposition to 100 pathologies. This way, you will know which parts of your body you may need to pay more attention to and, if necessary, confirm or rule out a specific predisposition with additional diagnostic tests, so you can prevent possible ailments.

• Pharma: Medications are not equally effective for everyone. Sometimes they can even be toxic for specific people. That is why it is sometimes necessary to try many of them until you find the one that works for you. In the Pharma section, you will find several drugs and how effective they may be for you according to your DNA. This way you will probably have to do fewer tests to find the most suitable one for you.

• Sport: Not all of us have the same innate abilities. Although with discipline and effort, we may be able to practice the sport we want, our genes naturally predispose us to a better performance of a certain type of training: strength or resistance. We tell you multiple personal traits related to sports so that you can design your routine like a professional athlete.

• Nutrition: A very high percentage of the population has followed a diet at some point in their lives. Almost always without listening to their genes. Well, your next diet will not be like that, because you are going to know what is the most effective for you according to your DNA. It will surely help you to have balanced and healthy nutrition.

• Skin: We should take care of our skin considering the basics, but in our report, we also talk about your photoaging, your ability to tan, or your sensitivity to the sun, among other traits.

• Personality: Of course, our personality is shaped by education and experiences. No one doubts that. But our genetics gives us a starting point and tells us what our natural predisposition is in several aspects related to our psychology. Know yourself better and develop your full potential.

The GalaxyDNA genetic report has an informative and preventive purpose. In no case does it have clinical or diagnostic validity.

Free Worldwide Shipping

We ship the GalaxyDNA kit free of charge to any country in the world.

Your Privacy, Our Concern

Your data becomes an anonymous code in our systems. Even your report will carry only your first name.

The Best Technology: Illumina

For our sequencing we only use technology developed by Illumina, the most prestigious company in the market.

We Design Your Personalized Algorithm

We identify your gender and ancestry to generate your specific algorithm, based on the analysis of thousands of scientific publications recognized worldwide.

7 Categories

Ancestry, Health, Pharma, Nutrition, Sports, Skin Care and Personality.

How to take our genetic test

Order your kit

Receive the kit

Take your saliva

Register the kit

Send the tube

Receive the reports


Order your kit online

You can order your GalaxyDNA kit comfortably from wherever you are, with your device connected to the internet (computer, tablet or cell phone).


Receive the kit at home

No matter where you are. We send the kit to your home or workplace, to any country in the world, completely free of charge. Delivery time will depend on the destination.


Take your saliva sample

Inside the box of your GalaxyDNA kit you have the instructions to correctly take the saliva sample. You can also access by clicking on the following link. 

Remember to read the instructions carefully to avoid mistakes when taking the sample.


Register your DNA sample

After taking the saliva sample and before sending the kit back to us, please register your personal data and kit number on our website.

IMPORTANT! The registration of the sample on our website is an essential step. We will not be able to process any order whose sample has not been previously registered.

Send us the sample back

Send your sample back to the address on the form, in the padded envelope included in the GalaxyDNA box, and by the most convenient means for you (your country’s postal service or shipping company).



Receive your reports

Within approximately 3 to 6 weeks after we receive your sample at our offices, you will receive your GalaxyDNA report at the email address you provided when registering your DNA sample.

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