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If you already have a genetic test from another company, use your RAW Data to get your GalaxyDNA report.


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European Company

GalaxyDNA belongs to the company 24Genetics S.L., one of the most relevant in the field of genetics aimed at the end consumer. We carry out all the sequencing work in the laboratory, and the subsequent algorithmic processing, in Europe, in strict compliance with the demanding European regulations. 24Genetics S.L. is formed by an international team of proven scientific prestige and our tests are recognized by the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), the most important organism of genetics worldwide. 


When it comes to the privacy of our customers’ data, we go even further than European laws require. Our clients’ DNA samples are identified with a random code to maintain the anonymity of our clients, and even our reports do not carry the full name of the person tested.

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