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Skin Test

Skin test

Did you know that your genetics also influence the characteristics of your skin? With Galaxy DNA skin test you will discover essential information for your daily routine of skin care and you will be able to customize the treatments and choose the products that will take the best care of your epidermis.

Hydration, elasticity and antioxidant capacity play a key role in the aging process of skin. With the DNA skin test you will know the role that genetics play in this: glycation, sun sensitivity, vitamins and much more.

A flawless skin is the best presentation card. Design an individualized beauty plan and be your best self with less effort. You only have to purchase and take our genetic skin test – we’ll take care of everything else.

Skin Test

Why doing a skin DNA test?

A genetic skin test analyzes different predispositions related to the skin, such as sun sensitivity, sunspots, tanning ease and photoaging. The concern for maintaining a healthy and protected dermis is on the rise in a society that is increasingly exposed to large amounts of pollution and more sunny days per year.

It’s true that two people with very similar skin types and exposed to similar external factors will not have the same reactions. Remember when in high school some people had acne while others kept a face completely clear of imperfections?

Whether acne problems, photoaging or skin sensitivity, every issue externally visible is probably related to genetics. Thanks to the skin DNA test you will discover why your skin reacts the way it does to the outside world and how to take care of it properly. You will be able to keep it protected and healthy, choosing the skin care routine that works best for you and minimize the signs of aging.

What does the genetic skin test report consist of?

The DNA skin test report is divided into several sections that will show you in detail the genetic predisposition of your skin and how it reacts to certain factors. Some of the sections you will find in your genetic skin test report are:



Our body’s main source of energy is glucose, but if this is not metabolized properly it can bind to collagen and elastin fibers modifying them, both structurally and functionally. The products resulting from this process are known as Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs).

Variations in the genes that determine how our body processes sugar can alter the normal functioning of energy metabolism and glucose levels. With our skin DNA report, you will get very useful information to protect your skin against glycation, thanks to the application of scientific studies that have identified variations in genes such as GLO1 and AGER associated with an excess of AGEs.


Sun sensitivity:

Skin can be more or less sensitive to the sun because it is underdeveloped, inflamed, or due to photosensitivity induced by medications or dermatological treatments. In these cases, it is vital to use sun protection with a factor appropriate to each skin type.

Sensitivity to the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation is hereditary. A large number of scientific studies have identified genetic variations that increase sensitivity to the sun and the tendency to sunburn. Thanks to the Galaxy DNA skin test you will know your predisposition to sunburn or low tanning ability, so you can act accordingly.

What Galaxy DNA skin test kit contains?</

When you purchase the skin DNA test kit on our website you will receive a small box at home with everything you need to extract the sample and send it back to our laboratory. The operation is simple: you just have to extract a saliva sample following the instructions that you will find in the kit. Then, you have to send the sample to our laboratory and our staff will analyze it and elaborate a personalized report with the results that you will receive in the email in a few weeks.

Knowing your skin is essential to be able to care for it in the most ideal way. Although you can identify some of its characteristics at first sight, there are others that are not so easily identifiable externally, such as glycation. However, with the skin DNA test kit you will be able to know each and every one of the particularities of your skin with a simple saliva sample. By knowing what you can’t see, you will be able to apply dermatological treatments for more effective results. Take the first step to a glowing skin!

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