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Nutrigenomics Testing

nutrigenomics testing

Have you ever wondered if you are more prone to sweets than to salty food? Or why do you like coffee so much? You can find out this and other aspects of your diet with a DNA nutrition test.

A diet test is the first step you should take towards a personalized plan – either if it’s a diet or not. Nutrigenomics testing is about optimizing your diet and making food as healthy as possible for you.

You will learn fundamental things such as which nutrients you should take because you tend not to assimilate them genetically as effectively as other people. For example, there are certain genetic variants that make you metabolize some vitamins and minerals poorly. For this reason, your body may need a greater amount of that food to achieve the desired effect.

Thanks to the genetic diet test you will learn more about yourself and how your body processes fats, vitamins, carbohydrates, etc. Many people have followed a diet at some point – surely, without taking into account their genes and how they affect their success or failure. Your next diet can be a success because with GalaxyDNA nutrigenomics testing you will know which groceries are more effective for you. Say hello to a healthy and balanced diet!

What can I find on the DNA nutrition test?

nutrigenomics testing

Nutrigenomics testing will help you on your way to a healthy and individualized diet. Thanks to the information of your genes, you will know what foods your body metabolizes better and what of them you should avoid. You will know your genetic predisposition to different types of diet, such as the Mediterranean diet, a low-fat diet, or a low-carbohydrate diet.

In addition, other factors are also included in the nutrigenomics test that have nothing to do with nutritional issues. For example, you can find out what information your genetics give us about how you perceive the taste of food, whether you are more or less prone to snacking between meals, or how it influences your feeling of satiety.


In summary, thanks to all the information we can extract from your DNA, you can find the nutritional balance of your diet according to your needs. You will better understand your metabolism and its behavior with respect to food. You will achieve but mainly keep a healthy weight for longer.

How does a nutrigenomic test work?

The operation of the nutrigenetic test is very simple. Through a saliva sample, an analysis is performed to determine the genetic variables of a person and why they react in a certain way to food. Thanks to DNA, it is possible to know if there is a greater or lesser predisposition to certain health problems.

For example, scientific studies have demonstrated the existence of more than 40 genes related to obesity. By searching for these genetic markers, it is possible to find out whether a person is more or less likely to put on weight if he or she does not maintain an adequate diet.

But the results of this nutrigenomics test will not only help you to focus your diet to maintain weight control but will also give you useful information for the prevention or treatment of different diseases. If you follow a very personalized diet, your body’s response will be more appropriate and the results will be more visible.

It is important to know that all the information provided by the nutritional DNA test is based on probabilities. Thanks to this test you will know if you have a higher or lower risk than the general population in certain aspects related to nutrition. Genetics alone predisposes us, but there are many other factors that act in the development of nutritional problems.

Get a individualized food plan with a genetic diet test

The advantages of knowing what your genes say about your nutritional profile are evident and the ultimate goal is focused on achieving the ideal diet for each person.

Stop trying generic diets and focus on what is really good for you and your metabolism.Your nutritional goals can only be achieved with the information that your genes give to you.

It’s true that food is not the only thing that influences whether your body gets thinner or fatter, thus there are other external factors that play an important role. However, with those external factors remaining the same, what can make the difference is having a customized diet. This is exactly what you can get with Galaxy nutrigenomics testing: a plan focused exclusively on what is good for you and no one else.

Please note that the report you will get has informational purposes and you need to ask a doctor before making any drastic changes in your lifestyle.

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