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Genetic Testing for Medication

genetic testing for medication

Your genes influence whether some medications are more effective for you than others, whether you need a higher or lower dose, or even whether a drug may be toxic. A pharmacogenetic test studies our predisposition to the possible effect of drugs on your body.

With Galaxy DNA’s pharmacogenetic test you will know which drugs you should avoid because they may have a negative effect on your body or may simply be useless. Knowing how certain medications can affect your health will put you one step ahead when it comes to an effective treatment for any pathology. Find out which medications are most effective for you with genetic testing for medication!

What will I know with genetic testing for medication?

Thanks to the DNA test for medication you will get to know your predisposition to the effect of a large number of medications. With the results of the pharmacogenetic test, doctors will be able to use the medications that you know will achieve a better response from your organism. In this way, they will not have to wait to see how your body reacts to a medication, but are able to act knowing your predisposition to it.

With genetic testing for medication, health professionals have extra help when prescribing the right treatment. If they have the option of choosing between several medications, they will opt for the one that, according to your genetics, will have the best effect on you. This is how a more individualized type of medicine, known as personalized or genomic medicine, is achieved.

Thanks to the options we have today, medicine can become extremely individualized, which saves a lot of time and money. With personalized medicine, doctors can prevent disease and use a patient’s genetic analysis to more quickly diagnose or even treat an existing disease.

What is the pharmacogenetic test and what can it do for me?

The Galaxy DNA pharmacogenetic test consists of analyzing the DNA of a person, through a saliva sample, in order to know the genetic predisposition to the intake of certain drugs. From this sample, our technicians will apply our algorithms to obtain, after matching the genetic data with recognized scientific studies, the predisposition to the effect of a long list of medications. Our DNA test for medication is divided into five sections, corresponding to five medical specialties: cardiology, neurology, pain, oncology and others.

The main objective of the pharmacogenetic test is to avoid an adverse medication reaction by focusing on the drug that should cause the best reaction in your body. Adverse reaction to medication can produce unwanted side effects in patients and even, in isolated cases, cause death. With the results of the pharmacogenetic test in your hand you will have a great advantage to avoid this.

It is not possible to think that all patients are going to act in the same way when faced with a drug. Each person is unique and this causes unique reactions to the same treatments. It’s true that scientific studies have analyzed the compatibility of medications and that any package insert reflects this. But if we add to this the genetic results of each person, we are able to get it right in a more exhaustive way when imposing a treatment. This medical individualization is possible thanks to the genetic test for medication.

How do genes affect tolerance to a drug?

Tolerance to a drug is the decrease in sensitivity to a drug due to prolonged intake. But there are other reasons that can affect this, many of which are determined by genes.

In our DNA we have five categories of genes related to the body’s reaction to a certain drug: pathogenic genes, metabolizers, transporters and pleiotropic genes. All of them must be analyzed to find out the tolerance of the organism to a particular medication and the pharmacogenetic test is in charge of this.

genetic testing for medication pharmacogenetics

Why choose the Galaxy DNA test for medication?

Genetic testing for medication is arguably the best pharmacogenetic test on the market. There are not too many biotech companies with the capacity to develop the complex algorithms necessary to obtain proven pharmacogenetic reports. Galaxy DNA test for medication is based on state-of-the-art genetic analysis and analyzes more than 700,000 markers. In this way, we can provide you with data on your body’s response propensities to dozens of different drugs.

All the drugs included in our report have passed our reliability criteria, backed by a large number of validated scientific reports worldwide. Thanks to Galaxy DNA’s pharmacogenetic test, you will learn about a large number of drugs to which your body may react in an undesirable way. At Galaxy DNA we are constantly working to expand the list of drugs for which new scientific findings are discovered.

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