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Sport Test

sport test for performance

DNA Sport test. A tool for professional athletes at your reach. Training accurately is essential to achieve the desired results. With a DNA test for sports, you will know in which type of physical activity you are more likely to perform better, if you are more prone to injury, or how training can help you lose weight.

Reach your best level thanks to what your genes say about your relationship with sport. Train hard, train like a pro.

Our DNA sport test is the most comprehensive on the market today. It will provide you with key data so you can plan your training program intelligently. This way, you will reach your goals and avoid uncomfortable injuries. Knowing yourself in depth is the first step to amazing results.

What can I find in the Galaxy DNA sport test?

The Galaxy DNA sport test analyzes a multitude of genetic aspects related to the practice of sporting activities. Our report is divided into five sections that will give you precise information on certain areas.

First you will find a section related to your sports profile. Here you will discover your body’s predisposition to perform certain activities based on power, endurance, or strength. You will also find out what information your genes hold about your aerobic, cardiac, and recovery capacity.

Another section that we will analyze will be your muscular profile. Thanks to the analysis of your DNA we will know how your muscles can respond to resistance training and their capacity for regeneration. In addition, we will know your predisposition to muscle fatigue and what your genes have to say about the strength of your muscles.

The third section of our sport test report concerns the metabolic profile. In this section, we can find out the overall benefit of sport on your body, your body mass index, and even its effect on cholesterol, among others.

Fourthly, you will find all the genetic information about the risk of suffering injuries. There are specific scientific studies that have related some genotypes with a higher risk of suffering injuries. We will show you the results divided into general risk of injury, risk of a stress fracture, risk of joint injuries, and risk of tendon and ligament rupture. 

Finally, a key section for sports practice is the one that analyzes your cardiovascular profile. In this case, your genes will provide us with information on how your blood pressure reacts to exercise. This section is extremely interesting because you will know the impact of sport on hypertension and heart rate so that you can adapt the exercise to your needs.

Why do I need a DNA sport test ?

In the case of professional and elite sports, DNA testing for sports performance is being used more and more frequently. By knowing their natural predispositions, professional athletes can target their training with maximum efficiency.

Genetic sport test for performance

When designing personalized plans for athletes, trainers are increasingly making use of such genetic tools. But it is not only the sports test that gives them valuable information. Usually, the combination of nutrition, health, or even personality and talent tests is perfect to achieve the best results.

Some of the data that sport DNA testing can give you is related to the heritability of some factors. For example, studies with familiars of athletes have shown that up to 90% of the variation in muscle mass and up to 60% of the variation in muscle strength are heritable. In addition, it has also been seen that power is inherited by 80% depending on the specific type of muscle.

If you are one of those people who practice sports as a way to maintain a healthy body or you are thinking of starting a sports practice, the sports test is also perfect as a first step towards visible results. Your genetics will also help you when you don’t achieve the goals you want and you don’t know why. For example, if you don’t manage to reduce your cholesterol with the right diet, you may find it easier to do sports.

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