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DNA Personality Test

dna personality test

Did you know that your DNA determines your predisposition to be impulsive, to be more active at night or to be more affected by seasonal changes? Discover what your genes say about you with the DNA personality test! 

Genetics not only influences our physical characteristics, but also certain aspects of personality and talent. Next time you’re labeled as being too impulsive or hasty in your decisions, blame it on your genes. Find out what your genes say about your personality with the DNA personality test.

What is the DNA personality test?

The Galaxy DNA personality test is a genetic test that consists of applying our DNA analysis algorithm, developed entirely by Galaxy DNA, to your genetic information. This algorithm includes thousands of genetic studies recognized and accepted by the scientific community. Relevant scientific studies are published in certain databases through international scientific institutions and organizations, provided there is a certain level of consensus.

With our genetic personality test you will receive an exhaustive personalized report in your e-mail, with extensive and detailed information about your genetic propensities. In addition, if you wish, you can request your raw data file, which contains your genetic map. This file will be very useful if in the future you want to make use of your genetic data for any other DNA test of this type.

Genetics is constantly evolving. Every day new research is published that provides us with data to work on in order to improve our algorithms. Consequently, your report evolves over time, as we update it with the improvements that this research allows us to incorporate.

What do genes have to do with personality?

Have you ever wondered why you have more facility to do one thing than another? Why do you seem to have the talent to develop certain activities? You may think that this has nothing to do with genetics but you may be surprised.

It is clear that there is a multitude of external factors that influence us and shape our personalities. Likewise, we can train ourselves in certain fields that will help us develop our talents. This has been, is, and will continue to be like that until the day we die. However, science also supports the existence of a genetic component in the development of our personality and qualities.

There are genes that have been linked to certain predispositions in personality and talent. For example, it is believed that the COMT gene, in its function as a dopamine transmitter, is closely linked to creativity. In addition, there are scientific studies that attest to the importance of breastfeeding in combination with the FADS2 gene in the development of intellectual quotient.

But this is not the only thing you will discover with the Galaxy DNA personality test. Your predisposition to impulsivity, seasonality, to nocturnality, are other concepts that can be affected by genetics and that you now have the possibility to discover, among many others.

Finally, what your DNA personality test report will also show you is your predisposition to dependence or addiction to certain types of substances such as alcohol, cocaine, or opium. As well as the risk of developing psychosis related to marijuana use.

How is the Galaxy DNA genetic personality test performed?

To perform our genetic personality test we simply need a little bit of your DNA that we will get from a sample of your saliva. It is as simple as that. A few days after purchasing the test on our website, you will receive at home a kit to collect the sample and send it to our laboratory.

You only have to follow the instructions that you will find in the kit and send your sample. Our geneticists will take care of the rest. Once in the laboratory, we will sequence your DNA and start our analysis. We will prepare your personalized report and send it to your email within a few weeks. When you receive it, if you have any questions, our experts will be happy to help you.

dna personality test
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