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DNA Health Test

Why choose the Galaxy DNA health test?

Dna health test

Would you like to know what your genes say about your health? With the Galaxy DNA health test you will get to know your predisposition to certain diseases! We cross-reference your DNA information with a multitude of pathologies and tell you which of them you may be prone to.

Identify the diseases you can prevent thanks to a DNA health test and take the first step to individualized medicine. Thanks to a simple genetic analysis you will detect what diseases you are more predisposed to suffer and you will be able to direct your preventive actions to avoid their development. This information is not only valuable for yourself but for professionals in order to make an effective diagnosis and multiply the success rate of your treatment.

With Galaxy DNA’s genetic health testing you will have a report which contains exclusive information: biometric predispositions, complex diseases, biomarkers, pharmacogenetics, or the detection of possible pathogenic mutations in hundreds of diseases. We have the most comprehensive DNA health test on the market.

Why choose the Galaxy DNA health test?

dna health test

Galaxy DNA’s is the best genetic health testing on the market. If there is one thing that characterizes us, it is that we are possibly the only company that first analyzes your ancestral roots and from there we apply our algorithms. Why do we do this? Because in order to make a correct calculation of your genetic predisposition, factors such as ethnic origin must be taken into account. It isn’t possible to calculate the risk of suffering from a disease in a person of Caucasian origins in the same way as in a person of African origins.

Thanks to our algorithms, we also discard research that doesn’t fit each individual. This means that if a study has only been tested on men, we will not use it if we are analyzing a woman. This way we get individualized results from the Galaxy DNA genetic health test and elaborate an exclusive report. You will get information about your predisposition to develop a multitude of diseases besides the effectiveness of certain drugs.

How does the Galaxy DNA health test work?

Everything you need to perform your DNA health test is contained in the kit available in our shop, which you will receive at home. The operation is very simple: you just have to follow the instructions that you will find inside the box containing the DNA health test kit. It simply consists on collecting a saliva sample and sending it back to our laboratory.

Once we receive your sample we will start your genetic health test. We will analyze a portion of the genetic variants in your body (over 700,000 of the approximately 3.2 million that determine human genetic variability). Our DNA health test can provide you with valuable information, but you should always consult your doctor to avoid possible risks.

You should be aware that the results of your DNA health test have no clinical or diagnostic validity. If you have any specific questions, we advise you to ask the appropriate healthcare professional. If, in addition, you are concerned about the presence of a genetic disease in close relatives, and the results of our genetic health testing point to it, it’s possible that the doctor will consider the option of performing a diagnostic DNA test to further investigate this issue.

Furthermore, you should not be alarmed by the results of our report. Not every time you have a genetic predisposition to develop a disease you end up doing it, and not every time you develop it’s due to a known genetic inclination. This may be due to the involvement of external factors or simply to existing mutations in genetic regions not covered by our analysis.

What will you find in the Galaxy DNA health test?

The main goal of DNA health test is to prevent the transmission of genetic diseases to our offspring. It’s possible that genes related to some diseases may be present in our DNA and we may never have suffered from them. However, we may have transmitted them to our children and they may have transmitted them to their children. With genetic health testing we can detect the presence of any of these pathologies and take the necessary measures.

In the study resulting from the test of your DNA health kit we analyze your genetic predisposition to hundreds of diseases grouped into the following types:


Complex Diseases: GWAS

GWAS publications compare the DNA of healthy people with that of people suffering from a certain disease. In this way, our geneticists are able to identify genetic differences or similarities to establish the probability of developing that disease.


Complex diseases: mutations

There are a number of genetic mutations that have been reported as pathological in different scientific databases. In this section we look for those gene mutations with high oncological significance.


Hereditary diseases

To develop this section we rely on the localization of pathogenic mutations of genes involved in diseases susceptible to be inherited.


Biomarkers, biometrics and traits

Here again the application of GWAS statistical analysis is useful. Thanks to them we can know if you have normal levels or not in certain metabolic parameters.



In this section we can know how your body will react to the intake of certain drugs in order to avoid them and get the most appropriate treatment.

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